Episode 06 – Thru-Hiking Will Ruin Your Life


What happens to someone when they become a thru-hiker? At the end of it all, what does walking thousands and thousands of miles do for you? It turns out, it ruins your life. In this episode we get to hear from three thru-hikers with over 12,000 miles of trail experience between them, as we find out what happens to a thru-hiker after the trail.

Check out the Real Hiking Viking’s website and 3D’s website for more information about them.

What has thru-hiking done to/for you? Like always, we’d love to hear from you.

Music provided by Baby Gramps.


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  1. Hello there – I just binge listened to your podcasts and they are AWESOME! While I’m not a thru hiker (56 years old, just had total knee replacement and I still have to work, darn!). BUT, my husband and I have backpacked extensively in the Sierra and have experienced much of what you’ve talked about but on a smaller scale. Keep up the great work!  

  2. I was never bored, It was strange how much of the time I wanted to talk to someone about my thoughts but when I had the opportunity I would talk a few minutes then had to leave would start feeling uncomfortable.