Episode 08 – A Day in the Life Part 2


The thing about bodies is, you only get one. Our physical link with the trail is sometimes the weak one. On this podcast, we talk about our bodies as connection with the trail, dealing with pain, and tune in with Kimchi and Saina for another day in the life of thru-hikers. Some days the miles come harder than others.

Announcements: I WILL be getting the podcast onto Stitcher this week – some of you have asked. Meant to do it earlier, but life has been a bit crazy.

And, a big thanks for all the lovely comments and reviews and messages this week. It is super encouraging and very much appreciated.

Music by Baby Gramps

Also, Spoiler alert:

Saina’s foot. Keep elevating that thing!! Hope the cortisone shot does the trick.

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  1. Awesome podcast this week and every week! Will someone address the topic no one wants to talk about which is poop. How difficult is it to stay regular under these intense conditions and what do women do about menstruation on the trail? You guys rock my morning commute. I feel like I’m out there with you.

  2. I listened to this yesterday and this was an amazing approach to telling the story – – the emotion that was shared was courageous.

  3. Have you or anyone ever made a music playlist? Apparently the jams in their hike on the podcast can get anyone PUMPED to carry on. I’d love to see one of you have a list. Cheers!