Episode 09 – Hiker Hunger


Eat to walk, or walk to eat? Without the right fuel for the fire, well, you’re never gonna make it. Hikers discuss their different food strategies, if hunger makes the best sauce, and what foods they just can’t stand anymore. We have special guests Dancemagic and Dr. Green Thumb. We also get introduced to our third and newest contributor, Par 3, currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

Also, we’ve gone over some of the ups and downs of trail life, but the trail wasn’t through with us yet. We find out about some hurdles Saina and Kimchi are dealing with right now.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our friend Tick Tock’s blog.

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  1. I started listening to your podcast yesterday and made it through all nine episodes already keep them coming! great stuff you guys are doing!


  2. Hey Gizmo, I started listening a couple of weeks ago on a long drive from Seattle to Montana. My wife is doing the WA section of the PCT solo (starting July 6) and I’d hoped SOT would give me some thru hiker insights. Has it ever!! Thank you so much for doing this. I forwarded the link to a bunch of hiker friends describing how refreshingly non-Ira Glass SOT was. No perfect dramatic music cues, straightforward conversations, in short, it can be pretty raw. And that for me is part of what makes this podcast great. (Of course after I sent the links out, I chuckled hearing you lament in a later episode about how it wasn’t as Ira Glassy as you’d hoped.) Par 3 is a fabulous addition. More articulate at his age, than I am at more than twice his. Keep up the wonderful work. You and that microphone are doing a fine job as are Kimchi and Saina. We’ve just put the PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail) on our list, probably 2017, to celebrate our 60th birthdays. In large part that is thanks to SOT. Cheers!

  3. I really, really enjoy listening to your podcast. You guys do an awesome job, and I just wanted you to know! I can’t wait to get started planning my own thru-hike. I’m only on episode 10, so maybe I just haven’t gotten to it yet, but are there any really great books that you all have read and would recommend?

    Thanks again for making this show!

  4. Gizmo,
    Stinky – PCT thru-hiker in 1984
    I love listening to your podcasts mostly to see how things have changed from 32 years ago. Here are a few changes from 1984:

    – Noone knew how much their pack weighed. You kinda cared but ultra-light hiking wasn’t around yet.
    – Jim Ferry from Connecticut was a trailblazer in that he was hiking the whole trail in Chuck Converse tennis shoes. The lack of 5 pound boots on his feet let him do 30 miles a day when 25 was tough for the heavy boot crowd
    – We had no information about what was ahead of us. We were in an average snow year and just had no idea what the Sierras had in store for us at Kennedy Meadows. We also had no idea who was behind us or how many hikers there were.
    – Here’s what we didn’t have – anything electronic/electrical, didn’t even carry a flashlight, bear canisters, good raingear, food in a bag, any blogs/podcasts/websites/YouTube videos about hiking.
    – People were still using external frame packs almost exclusively. Almost every successful finisher used a Kelty Tioga external pack back then.

    If any older vets are reading, my email is prg@tds.net