Episode 11 – Sins of a Thru-Hiker


Life on the trail can be, well, poopy sometimes. Between not burying used TP, dropping trash, and forgetting to yield the right-of-way to hikers going uphill, Thru-hikers have their own set of sins that they commit. In this podcast, we explore what Leave No Trace means, how to be better hikers and humans, and what the best way is to talk to other people about it. We have special guests Kodak, Silver Lining, Sarge, Switchback the Trail Pirate, and Dirtnap.

If you’re interested in learning more about Leave No Trace principles, check out the official website: www.lnt.org.

If you’re interested in learning more about a backcountry bidet, you can google it yourself.

I’m headed off to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington for a week of backpacking myself, so next week’s episode may be a little late. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to pack out your TP. 😉


Music by Baby Gramps


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  1. This was a very refreshing episode. I was honestly not expecting this to be as well rounded as it was. I am an LNT certified environmental educator, and I also live 30mins from the PCT in the Harts Pass, Rainy Pass area. I have had terrible experiences with PCT hikers trashing the area. I think other hikers should advocate to fellow hikers more often about LNT principles.

    Also Silver Linings mentioned about people breaking from LNT to help others by carving into trail signs. This would fall into conscious impact spectrum not LNT. CIS is primarily used in EE but would also apply to this scenario.

    • Wow! That’s high praise coming from an environmental educator. Thank you.

      I’m not familiar with the term conscious impact spectrum. How does that past into leave no trace? Do you have any other online resources that I could link to for people looking to educate themselves?