Episode 12 – Hikers Off Trail


Thru-hiking isn’t just a walk in the woods – hikers get off trail for food,showers, laundry, or just to have a vacation from their vacation. In this podcast we discuss the best and worst parts of town, the pros and cons of hiker boxes, and the strange phenomenon of hikers refusing to walk unless absolutely required. Special guests Kodak, Silver, Redwood, Safari, and Pacman.

Kimchi is back on the Appalachian Trail (for the moment at least) but Saina has taken a job at a summer camp while her foot finishes healing. She’s currently out of cell reception but we hope to hear from her soon. Par 3 is out on the Pacific Crest Trail and crushing it.


Music by Baby Gramps


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  1. Great content this week. I enjoyed the interviews and the insight that was provided. I appreciate the amount of energy and creativity you (and your team of interviewers) are expending to, record, edit, produce and voice the podcast, thanks for everyone’s commitment.