Episode 18 – Other Dreams


Thru-hiking is a “bucket list” item for a lot of people. In this podcast, we talk about pursuing our other dreams, making a thru-hike happen, and start thinking ahead towards the end of the trail. (Don’t worry, we’re not there yet.) Our special guests for this episode are two hikers we’ve heard from before: Patches and Kodak, both bringing us some new trail wisdom.

Par 3 is at PCT Days up in Oregon as he gets ready to hike Washington and finish up his thru-hike – we’ll hear from him next week. He’s been interviewing like crazy.

If you missed it last week, don’t forget this week – check out Patches’ Blog. Also, come on over and take a look at Kodak’s Photography.

Thanks for all the listener love! We love you all.

Music by: Baby Gramps

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  1. Love, Love, Love, what your doing… Keep up the great walk and talk… You’re helping me to realize how important it is to just go for a long hike… and live the true life not the not the one set in stone.

  2. The best podcast I’ve ever encountered! My quest to lose 100 pounds has begun. I hope that will enable me to get out there for a thru hike someday. Did a 1.64 mile walk on a state park trail yesterday. The dream has begun!

    • Congrats, Julie! I’ve (slowly) lost 28 in the last two years, with 25 more to go (by the end of this year). Hiking, walking and running has made a huge difference for me – besides being a great reason to get outside. I don’t know if you’re a records kind of gal like me, but I use a little FitBit Zip to keep track of my steps and miles, and it really keeps me motivated. Well, along with new gear. 🙂 Anyway, good luck on your journey!!

    • P.S. I regularly hike an 11 mile hilly trail nearby and today hit the park for a 4 mile walk. It’s like an obsession once you start: just lace on the shoes or boots and you gotta go! I know you’ve got to feel so good after your walk yesterday.