Episode 27 – An Everyday Commitment


One guy, with one goal – to ski 2.5 million vertical feet in one year. That is, 2.5 million feet UPHILL. To make this happen, Aaron Rice is planning on skiing 10 hours a day, every day, for an entire year. Kimchi sits down with Aaron and his friend Joey Campanelli to talk about what it takes to do something like this, and why skiing uphill every day for 10 hours a day is something that anybody would even want to do.

This subject is a little bit of a break from our usual hiker talk – we hope you enjoy it! The Sounds of the Trail team is working REALLY hard right now to get ready for the upcoming 2016 thru-hiking season. We’re lining up a lot of great stuff, so stay tuned!

If you’re interested in learning more about our guests today, check out their webpages and instagrams.
Aaron Rice
His insta: @airandrice

Joey Campanelli
His insta: @joey.camps

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And as always, big thanks to Baby Gramps for the music.

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  1. Love your show! You should try to interview The Real Hiking Viking who is traveling Southbound on the AT right now! Winter thru hike, he’s in VT right now. If you need someone to do this I could try and meet him in CT or NY/NJ.

  2. I’m only on episode 10 so not sure if you’ve covered this in an earlier episode but I’m very curious as to how female thru-hikers handle that time of the month on the trail (packing supplies, disposing of used items, etc.)

    • I’m positive they cover the topic and I’m pretty sure its in episode 13 “A Little Too Much Information.” If I recall correctly, that episode is mostly about poop and the general grossness of the trail, but also covers menstruation.

  3. Sweet episode. Never been skiing but it something I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve never been able to fully commit to one thing as far as outdoor activities go, I’ve always been a bit of a buffet type. This was an inspiring listen for sure. Peace

    • Thanks Brent! You might want to check out the latest episode (Ep 2-14) – we just followed up with Aaron after finishing his 2.5 million vertical feet.

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