Ep 2-03 I didn’t know…


Thru-hiking season has officially begun! All our correspondents are out on trail, finally finding out what trail life is all about, and what they didn’t know before they started. This podcast fills us in on the reality vs the expectations.

Special guests:
Mishap, Shortcut, Spoony, Knees, Bacon, Fruit Snax, Boyardee, and Splinter.

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    • I love hearing their experiences. I want to be there and feel like I am-sort of. What a life time experience for Lafe and the rest.

  1. I’m so bummed! I was catching up to Wanderer and absolutely sure I would meet him a couple of weeks back, based on his AT shelter register comments (did he get his iPod back?)

    But last I saw of his name was at Brown Mountain Creek Shelter. I climbed Cold (Cole) Mountain in a hideous, freezing rainstorm, so now I’m wondering if he got off to go to town before that.

    Anyway, I’m off the trail for a few weeks to do some necessary (and good) things in “the World,” but back on in June and headed for Maine. I hope I get to meet him. His drawings are great and I like what I’ve heard from him on the podcast.

    And thanks, Gizmo, for SotT. You saved my butt last winter when I was going through trail withdrawal.

    Pony — AT NOBO 2016

  2. I turn 60 this January and if I can pull it off to hike the AZT next year. Your show helps to keep Me focused and excited.

  3. Here’s what I didn’t know. Last Saturday, I was down in Harpers Ferry and saw a guy in the ATC with a cool uke by the name of Wanderer. Today, Wander had made it up to Pine Grove Furnace SP and I saw him again. I didn’t make the connection until I was checking out his awesome A.T. Museum register entry that mentioned SOTT and the connection was made. Sadly, Wanderer had already hiked on and I wasn’t able to express my love for this podcast. So if you see this Wanderer, it was a pleasure meeting you and maybe I will see you again, up the trail.