EP 2-08 The Great? Outdoors


It’s time for a little catching up! In this week’s podcast, we spend a bunch of time with Homework, to find out where he is on the Continental Divide Trail. In between updates we try to figure out what’s so great about the outdoors anyhow.

Special guests Smiles and Umgawa

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  1. This one made me cry and laugh, all the way through! A couple of months in, it doesn’t matter which trail you’re on, the “shakedown section” rears it’s Medusa head and you find out how much of your extra baggage just has got to go! You also begin to see that you’re made of so much strength you weren’t aware of & are rejuvenated by it! GREAT EPISODE!! Hike on…HAPPY TRAILS!

  2. Very powerful podcast Gizmo. The way you began with Homework and then wrapped it up. I am sure everyone will relate whether on the trail, changing diapers or commuting to work. Life is Life…just buck up and find the best in it. Thank you for another excellent “take a listen”!
    Homework’s Mom,
    P.S. Did you ever get any more bumper stickers for SOT?

  3. Hey, Gizmo. What’s up with Wanderer? I’m on the AT and stopped seeing his great drawings in shelter logbooks. Did he get off the trail?

    I also met Rumblejunk in PA; I assume he’s still rolling.

    Even if they aren’t “corresponding” any longer, I’d like to know the fate of your various correspondents.

    Thanks for the show; I love it.


    • Hey Pony! I was really happy to have met you as I walked out of the 100 Mile Wilderness. As you saw, I was alive and well, though my ankles and knee were very achy. I summitted Mt. Katahdin 2 days after we met. Thanks for all of your kind words and for appreciating all of my drawings in the log books.
      -Juan Durer