EP 2-12 Hikers That Hike Together


What does community look like, when it’s made out of a bunch of unwashed people wandering directionally around the woods? Today we explore some facets of the trail community, and what makes it so special. Today’s episode is hosted and produced by Homework, with editing and assistant production by Gizmo. Special guests Crumb Cakes, Boo Boo, Zuul, and Oriole. Musical transitions provided courtesy of Diggin Dirt Band, from the track Wild Roots.

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  1. I found about this podcast and blog on 6th Jan 2017 and I think this is one of the best thing happened to me this year at the very beginning. I have been thinking about writing a comment here mentioning how much I appreciate listening to this podcast and have listened to 16 episodes in less than 5 days while hiking, walking and other activities.

    Its an amazing initiative as I feel so close to the trail itself listening to the people on the trail. A little bit about myself, I am 32 years Indian women working in office job and living in Sydney for last 6 years. I had a great opportunity to ravel in USA for 3.5 years in 2015 and loved my time hiking in different national parks including 6 weeks in Alaska. I met a guy who had done AT and also few people doing parts of PCT that inspired me to do it one day myself. Although due to reality I came back to Sydney and got a job to pay bills.

    After started listening to these podcasts I have started dreaming about doing the thru hike again and it feels life changing call to be back on the road and the trail itself.

    Thank you so much guys as you all are doing an incredible job and I just want to say that some of us feel so grateful to be able to hear from you and feel like we are right there with you all in your experience.

    Kavita Joshi

  2. Gizmo, I’m an RPCV Mali šŸ‡²šŸ‡± ’12! Where did you serve? I would like to do the CDT and am interested making a art/conservation project out of it – how can I get in touch with some hikers who have done the CDT and get specific advice? I don’t do Facebook, are there other options?