Episode 01 – Introductions


Welcome to Sounds of the Trail! Listen in for a little more about who we are and what to expect from the podcast. We’d love to hear from you – good bad or otherwise – so leave us a comment!


Music provided courtesy of Baby Gramps

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    • I remember seeing everyone’s packs out front of the building and thinking, I don’t care how many people are already in those stalls, I’m getting in there too! Haha. Thanks for stopping by, hope all is well with you 🙂


  1. Hi Gizmo, I have a friend who is just starting the hike the Pacific Coast Trail this week, so I was so excited when I saw your podcast. I grew up in upstate NY, and moved west the day after I graduated college. I was not very ‘outdoorsy’ growing up, but once I lived in Wyoming for the summer, I fell in love with camping and hiking. After just one listen, I have a longing for the trail again. Looking forward to listening to your adventures. Good luck with the trek. Stay safe!!

  2. This podcast was a great find. I live a couple miles off the PCT and for the last couple years, the through hikers have detoured past my place because of a trail closure. It has been the highlight of my Spring over the last couple years getting to meet and talk with PCT through hikers. As the bulk of hikers have passed by my place already, this podcast will give me a weekly fix and give me the opportunity to follow and live vicariously through this broadcast.

    Kim Ann
    “Unpredict Your Journey”

  3. I know I”m just getting started with these episodes – dig what your puttin out. Question, or technicality, rather. The AT is over 2,180 miles long (depending on the year). In ’12 when I thru hiked, it was 2,184 SOBO miles. How or where did y’all get 2,130?

    I am thinking: “crap, did they shorten it? or Did Baxter State Park finally pull the plug on support at the Northern Terminus?”

    Thank you,