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Your thru-hiking, backpacking, trail life lovin’, podcast headquarters:

Season 1 (2015):

Episode 01 – Introductions
Episode 02 – Milestones and Beginnings
Episode 03 – My Feet Hurt
Episode 04 – What’s in a Name
Episode 05 – To Duo or Not To Duo
Episode 06 – Thru-Hiking Will Ruin Your Life
Episode 07 – A Day in the Life, Part 1
Episode 08 – A Day in the Life, Part 2
Episode 09 – Hiker Hunger
Episode 10 – Injured
Episode 11 – Sins of a Thru-hiker
Episode 12 – Hikers Off Trail
Episode 13 – A Little Too Much Information
Episode 14 – Families That Hike Together
Episode 15 – Magic on the Trail
Episode 16 – Odds and Ends
Episode 17 – Down the Mountain
Episode 18 – Other Dreams
Episode 19 – The Dog Show
Episode 20 – A Little Bit About Gear
Episode 21 – The Maine Thing
Episode 22 – Making It Happen
Episode 23 – End of A Season
Episode 24 – Looking Back From the Finish

The Off-Season Podcasts:

Episode 25 – Getting Inspired
Episode 26 – Origins of a Thru-Hiker
Episode 27 – An Everyday Commitment
Episode 28 – This is Why We Do It
Episode 29 – The Key Players
Episode 30 – Before and After

Season 2 (2016):

Ep 2-01 Hyperfreedom
Ep 2-02 More Introductions
Ep 2-03 I Didn’t Know…
Ep 2-04 The Finite Life
Ep 2-05 Getting Acquainted (With Yourself)
Ep 2-06 You and Your Meat Suit
Ep 2-07 The Elephant on the Trail
Ep 2-08 The Great? Outdoors
Ep 2-09 All the Angels
Ep 2-10 The Great? Outdoors Pt 2
Ep 2-11 The Beginning of the End
Ep 2-12 Hikers That Hike Together
Ep 2-13 Looking Forward – Looking Back
Ep 2-14 Aiming At Our Limits

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  1. Gizmo, I love the podcast! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you have any plans to talk about thru hiking with a dog? I just found the podcast today so I’m not caught up completely, yet. So if you do talk about it later on then ignore this. Thanks for sharing, happy trails.

    • We will be talking about it some point, but it’s actually very difficult to find people doing it – very few dogs are up to the challenge. Even horses struggle with the miles. We don’t usually think of humans as a species as excelling at any physical pursuit, but it turns out we are excellent at long, slow distances.

  2. About to do my first section hike on the AT and the info had been amazing. It may be nice for those who aren’t ready for a they hike to get some valuable hints/tips on how section hikes may vary from thru on prep. Thx. Love the podcast. Keep em coming.

  3. Love your pod cast! I have been listening for awhile. I have been hiking sense I was little and it brings back a lot of memories of cool mountain Colorado hiking and camping.
    Is everyone ok? It’s been awhile sense we heard from ya. Hope everyone is ok.

  4. I love this podcast! I listen to it every night. It’s really inspiring me to thru hike something. I’m not sure what yet but I think in my life I will and I’ll make sure to take yalls advice to heart. Love the episode about the leave no trail – it truly is the most important thing!