Ep 2-06 You and Your Meat Suit


Your most important piece of hiking equipment? It’s your meat suit, that ol’ body of yours that’s doing the work to get from place to place. In today’s episode we talk about the effects of thru-hiking on our bodies… and our minds, because that’s part of our body too. We also have two interviews with former combat veterans hiking with Warrior Expeditions, who talk about how thru-hiking is affecting them. Special guests: Yours Truly, Push, Bare Bones, Slim Jim, Helton, and Sage.

Music Attributions:

Go Tell It On The Molehill (Doctor Turtle) / CC BY 4.0


Songs For The Dawn Of Peace (Leon Lishner) / CC BY-SA 4.0

Ep 2-05 Getting Acquainted (With Yourself)


Being on trail is a great way to get to know… yourself. From the gross to the profound, our correspondents and fellow hikers discuss what they’ve learned so far from their time as thru-hikers.

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Special guests: Magic Mike, El Tejano, Rafiki, and 2%. Check out El Tejano’s blog here.

Ep 2-04 The Finite Life


With just one life to live, why spend it walking around the country, being hot, cold, thirsty, hungry, and tired? In today’s podcast, we ask some hikers what is the best part of their thru-hiking day – the part that makes it worthwhile – and they tell us what keeps their spirits up despite the blisters and the hemorrhoids (ouch!).

Our trail correspondents are starting to pick up trail names, so you’ll hear some new names with the voices you’ve already been introduced to. I’m working on an update of the About Us page which will be up soon and should help out with keeping all the names and voices straight.

Special Guests: Raven, Goofy, P.S., Storytime, Patriot, and Chance.