Episode 25 – Getting Inspired


Sounds of the Trail is transitioning to an off-season format. In this week’s podcast we shift our focus to the third trail in the Triple Crown, the Continental Divide Trail, and get inspired by some youtube videos. Special Guests Liz and Bryan (along with Bumblebee Tuna and Toni the Tiger).

During the hiking off-season Sounds of the Trail is switching to an every-other-week release schedule.

Sounds of the Trail is planning on sticking around for a second season of thru-hiking podcasting in 2016, so stay tuned for more info on that.

Music provided courtesy of: Baby Gramps

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  1. I’m way behind here, but I wanted to say thank you for producing a really wonderful podcast. I just discovered Sounds of the Trail this past weekend on a road-trip to spend the weekend out in the woods. I’m glad to see you have received a few comments since as of episode 6 or so, you still hadn’t! I wanted to let you know that I am listening, and I’ll spread the word. I’m not a through-hiker, but I am an ultra-endurance athlete and adventurer, and I count many thru-hikers as friends. Always love hearing more great stories, so thank you for sharing them! I have 20 or episodes to catch up on, and it will make my drive to and from work much more rewarding over the next several weeks. – Brent, Philadelphia, PA

  2. I have been LOVING your podcast. I just started a new job and am inside and less active than I had been in my previous 17 years. I find myself daydreaming and planning hikes (not necessarily through hikes, but weekend backpacking for sure!), and I delight in hearing all of the latest. Thank you for continuing to produce the show! 🙂

  3. While reading blogs and journals about the PCT I came across a reference to your podcast. I’m enjoying the podcasts while I plan and maybe dream a little about hikes for 2016. My longest hike so far has been the JMT in 13 days last year, but I hope to hike another 300 miles or so of the PCT in 2016 and maybe the whole thing all the way through in another 15 years after I’ve realized my goal of early retirement. Keep those podcasts coming.

  4. I love your podcast! I drive a ton for work and listening to your podcast has really helped me keep my mind outside while I am stuck in the car. I am so excited you are keeping it going through the winter and exploring other trails and adventures. It will also be exciting to follow along during the next thru-hike season. I recently moved to Colorado so I especially liked this episode talking about the CDT. Thanks for all of the hard work all of you do to make this podcast happen! I have done a few short backpacking trips and all of your stories are making me excited to push my boundaries!