Ep 2-07 The Elephant on the Trail


Mt Whitney marriage proposals, injuries, and goats as wedding guests… this episode has it all! But one conversation that often gets left out of trail talk is the stickier subject of race in the thru-hiking community. Well, today we talk about that too. The subject of hikers of color has been making the rounds on the online community, so we took the chance to address it head-on, with the firm belief that nothing helps understanding more than sitting down and listening to each other. Don’t understand what the hullabaloo is about? Take a listen! Big thanks to special guest Double Sprainbow.

If you’re interested in hiking and you’re a person of color, go ahead and check out the Hikers of Color Facebook Page.

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  1. Thanks for articulating and sharing awareness and perspective that we all can benefit from. My 20 year old son and I had a long conversation about this topic last night and although we couldn’t resolve all the thoughts and concerns we might have individually we did agree that the only way we can move forward is to rise up above the dramalama. We realized that it is different for each of us but until we elevate our thinking to a place of love, kindness and consideration for what each of us and ultimately all of us are going through we just become part of the noise.

  2. Gizmo, this podcast is getting better and better. Your willingness to take on topics that are relevant (while still maintaining the spirit of trail life) is inspiring. This particular podcast was interesting, engaging, thought provoking and provided me with a perspective to which I had not paid much attention. Thank you for your effort

  3. Double Sprainbow wants understanding. Okay, and so do I. I’m a Euro-American. So I’m not “of color.” I feel the hikers-of-color effort lumps me in with the ignoramuses outside the Lone Pine Grocery Store. I really don’t deserve that. Also, as a Bleeding Heart Liberal, I would like to see more integration not less. Integration is the best way to fight bigotry. By gathering up and isolating “hikers of color” you are promoting segregation.
    Here’s an idea – Why don’t we all just hike together?

  4. Gizmo, thanks for a great podcast episode. This one really hit home. There are so many stories that we, Americans of color, have to tell, but do not have a safe place to express them without being trolled by the less apathetic folks out there. Comments by others often demand us to not have a separate space for safe discussion; such is the unaware privilege held my the dominate culture regardless of their personal liberal-ness.

    Keep up the great work, I love all of the episodes.

  5. SIGH…….i do understand. But, we are all skin of “color.” I am a white male and for the last 8 years i have been labled a racist because of the color of my skin. If we truly want to be color blind, then we have to have more inclusion. Having a “safe” place to speak your mind is a sad state of affairs in this country. If you feel there is the need to segregate yourself from others, then by all means do so. It is your choice. Just understand That perception is reality in others eyes.

  6. The trail has got to harbor the most inclusive, most accepting population this side of tall ship sailing.

    To claim there are special needs based on skin color is simply absurd. Claiming to have special knowledge of this due to skin color still makes it absurd. The rain, blisters, wild life, rangers and fellow hikers don’t care who you are.

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