Episode 03 – My Feet Hurt


Well friends, I can say without hesitation that this is our best episode yet. This week we talk about feet – if you plan on walking 4 million+ steps, somewhere along the way, your feet are gonna hurt. Join in with Saina on the Pacific Crest Trail and Kimchi on the Appalachian Trail, with guests 3D, Dennis, and Storybook.

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Music provided courtesy of Baby Gramps.


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  1. Thanks, Gizmo. Keep the podcast going. Great job. Finally, got around to listening to the sounds of the trail. Sage travels….

  2. Enjoyed Saina’s tips on feet & all of episode 3. Bipolar, uptrail from Saina but following her.

    • Just saw this – didn’t know people were commenting. Whoops! Hey Bipolar!!! Hope you’re feeling better, by the way. Saw you fell. Hope it’s nothing serious!

  3. So glad i came across your podcast. Love it. Just finished this episode. Started at the beginning. It is sad that people litter in such a beautiful place.

    • I know!! I’ve become a sort of Leave No Trace evangelist, out preaching the good word. I try to pick up any trash I find (or at least as much as I can carry, if it’s bad) and try to educate people who may not realize the impacts of their actions. If we all did, we’d be most of the way there to solving the problem.

  4. Just found this podcast and I’m really enjoying it. The AT is on my bucket list and it’s great to listen to your alls adventure while I’m at work. Looking forward to hearing more stories and tips.

  5. Driving back home to Houston from Fayetteville Arkansas and I just started listening to your podcast… Brilliant! The stories and sounds of been great so far and I can’t wait to hear them The stories and sounds of been great so far and I can’t wait to hear tomorrow all. wonderful, entertaining work from all of you. Thank you.