EP 2-11 The Beginning of the End


It’s getting to be that time of year again – the end of summer thru-hiking season. Our first hikers are completing their journeys – today we get to hear from two of them, Homework and Juan Durer. Lessons learned, summits summitted, and the feeling of the end. There’s a lot of heart in this episode – take a quiet half hour and make sure you listen through to the end of the podcast, I think you’ll be glad you did.

EP 2-09 All the Angels


Are thru-hikes a spirit quest? Or just a long walk? Sometimes spirituality on the trail is the goal, sometimes it just happens to us anyways. We have two great interviews today with hikers of different stripes who’ve both found things worth believing out on the trail. We’re especially pleased to have a Triple Crown hiker on the show – this is a guy who’s done his miles! Today’s podcast’s special guests are Scarecrow and Pace.

Ep 2-07 The Elephant on the Trail


Mt Whitney marriage proposals, injuries, and goats as wedding guests… this episode has it all! But one conversation that often gets left out of trail talk is the stickier subject of race in the thru-hiking community. Well, today we talk about that too. The subject of hikers of color has been making the rounds on the online community, so we took the chance to address it head-on, with the firm belief that nothing helps understanding more than sitting down and listening to each other. Don’t understand what the hullabaloo is about? Take a listen! Big thanks to special guest Double Sprainbow.

If you’re interested in hiking and you’re a person of color, go ahead and check out the Hikers of Color Facebook Page.