Episode 21 – The Maine Thing


This week’s podcast revolves around one Maine thing – the people and places of Maine. We get to hear from thru-hikers, trail angels, and trail Maine-tainers (heh heh) working with the Maine Appalachian Trail Club. Special Guests are Pain Wizard, Scout, and the MATC.

What have YOU done to support your trails today? Check out the Maine Appalachian Trail Club if you want to support them. Do you want to support all your trails, and not just Maine? Then please consider telling your congressman! Go to Who Is My Representative, find out who is representing you, and then TELL THEM that we need trails!

If you live outside the USA, you probably have trails too! Go help out.

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Episode 19 – The Dog Show


Sounds of the Trail finally covers our most requested topic: thru-hiking with dogs. We hear from three different dog owners on the challenges and rewards of thru-hiking with a dog. We also get to hear from our fellow thru-hiking podcaster, Ratatouille, who produces Trailside Radio. Special Guests: Oyster, Joan of Arc, and Sleddog.

If you haven’t checked out Trailside Radio, you should! Check it out here.

Music by: Baby Gramps. Thanks Baby Gramps!

Episode 18 – Other Dreams


Thru-hiking is a “bucket list” item for a lot of people. In this podcast, we talk about pursuing our other dreams, making a thru-hike happen, and start thinking ahead towards the end of the trail. (Don’t worry, we’re not there yet.) Our special guests for this episode are two hikers we’ve heard from before: Patches and Kodak, both bringing us some new trail wisdom.

Par 3 is at PCT Days up in Oregon as he gets ready to hike Washington and finish up his thru-hike – we’ll hear from him next week. He’s been interviewing like crazy.

If you missed it last week, don’t forget this week – check out Patches’ Blog. Also, come on over and take a look at Kodak’s Photography.

Thanks for all the listener love! We love you all.

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Episode 17 – Down the Mountain


Let’s follow along with Kimchi as she gets back on trail at Mt. Katahdin to begin her flip-flop are the Appalachian Trail. Special guests for this podcast are Patches, Mighty Mouse, and Sparky.

Check out Mighty Mouse’s Blog and Patches’ Blog!

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